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What is in the latest 90th anniversary issue? 

> 1920s: Brooklands – the long demise - The 1920s are often considered to be the heyday of Britain’s first permanent race circuit. And they were. But still, the Surrey speedbowl was already out of date with the rest of European motor racing and its long demise, which would end with the outbreak of WWII had already began. Here, we look back at why and how that process begun and put Brooklands’ epic years into context with the rest of the motor racing world. 

> 1930s: The Silver Arrows story - How Hitler used motor sport to promote his message of Ayran superiority of the German people. The Grand Prix cars of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union were magnificent and between them, the companies contributed to one of the greatest eras of Grand Prix racing in history. But there was a dark, sinister side behind the fantastic spectacle on track and the high-tech performance of the Silver Arrows racers… 

> Lunch with… Motor Sport - Something different. Simon meets up with a selection of Motor Sport staffers from over the years, including Damien Smith and Gordon Cruickshank, to talk about life at the magazine that gave its name to the sport. Featuring the three odd-balls: Denis Jenkinson, Bill Boddy and Wesley J Tee! 

> 2000s: The drive for efficiency - As we bring motor sport’s story up to date, we find that for the first time in its history F1 is required to be ‘relevant’ to the rest of the world. The same is true across rallying and sports car racing, as motor sport attempts to fall into direct line with road car specification trends as it works harder to attract interest from the major automotive manufacturers. Here, we track the development of motor racing through the decade and the move towards the ‘efficiency’ era.