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> Our vision of a post-Bernie F1- With Bernie in the dock, his era as the boss of F1 could be coming to an end. F1 is likely to be plunged into disarray… which could allow the sport to re-set and start afresh. If so, this is how we think it should be shaped for the future. 
> The fall and rise of Ron Dennis - An amazing account of why and how Ron was forced out of McLaren, and how he has returned five years later. 
> Lunch with… Paul Tracy - The second part of Simon’s trio of recent American ‘Lunch with’ interviews. Paul Tracy is a Canadian Indycar racer who flirted briefly with F1 before settling into a long and mostly successful career in the States. He broke through in the early 1990s with Penske, then moved on to Newman Haas and Team Green. He won his lone Indycar title with Forsythe in 2003. 
> Hall of Fame - A review of our big night at the Royal Opera House including profiles of the latest stars to join the Hall of Fame: Ross Brawn, John McGuinness, the late James Hunt and Alain Prost 
> Dakar & Race to Recovery - A fly-on-the-wall account of a team made up of injured servicemen as they take on the gruelling Dakar Rally in a pair of factory-supported Land Rovers. With little motor sport experience and their disabilities to deal with, they couldn’t have chosen a tougher challenge. Also includes a wrap-up of the overall result.