Le Mans in Focus

Le Mans in Focus

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Le Mans is the worlds greatest endurance race. It was originally held on the undulating open roads from Le Mans to St Calais and then La Ferte Bernard in 1906. 111 years later it continues to captivate a huge audience, both at the circuit and worldwide, with its drama, excitement, speed and danger.

In one day, a Le Mans car will complete the same amount of mileage as a Formula 1 car does in an entire season, often in wet and challenging conditions. The cars race through the night, with campfires and barbeques burning at the trackside and the famous Le Mans ferris wheel illuminating the track. Quite simply, there is no other race like it.

This bookazine celebrates Le Mans’ greatest drivers, cars and teams. It presents rare and unseen images, and matches them to short, captivating stories. Did you know for instance that the youngest winner was just 22 years old, and the oldest 47 years? Or that one driver completed almost 23 hours non-stop? The definitive Le Mans bookazine from the authors of the world’s leading motor racing title is essential for any motor sport fan.

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