F1 Retro 1980 by Mark Hughes
F1 Retro 1980 by Mark Hughes    F1 Retro 1980 by Mark Hughes    F1 Retro 1980 by Mark Hughes   

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F1 Retro 1980 by Mark Hughes

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The much-anticipated second of Mark Hughes’ F1 Retro series of books that take an F1 season of the past and put it under the microscope using today’s knowledge. With this unique approach F1 Retro 1980, published by Motor Sport magazine, makes an absolutely last-word, multiple-layered account of the romance, politics, personalities and technicalities of the 1980 season.

All wrapped in a beautifully-produced and designed package that is a tactile and visual delight and a wonderful companion to F1 Retro 1970.

Evocative and in-depth, F1 Retro 1980 puts the events of the time into a historical perspective as it tells the fascinating story of a defining season in the sport’s history.

This is done from multiple perspectives: 

-Vividly evoking the era, one that cast the drivers in the role of ruthless mercenaries in a time of commercial electrification, placing them between the closely-bonded romantics of a previous dangerous age and the data-driven professionals of today.
-The highly charged political battle for the sport’s control that would come to define the F1 of the 21st century. 
-The way that this dovetailed with two immature but potent technologies, turbo charging and ground effect aerodynamics.
-Race-by-race analysis with supporting data, highlighting car and team-mate performance comparisons. 
-Deep technical insights on the cars, engines and aerodynamics, the latter explaining the phenomenon of ground effect, why each car worked or didn’t. 
-Driver and engineer interviews, including world champion Alan Jones and the creator of his Williams FW07, Patrick Head. 
-A 21st century CFD analysis of the championship-winning Williams FW07. 
-Reproduction of contemporary Williams documentation and technical drawings.

Rich in anecdote, analysis and insight, F1 Retro 1980 is much more than just a nostalgic trip – although its beautifully presented photography makes it that as well – but a unique and definitive treatment of a snapshot in F1 history.